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(How the monster of terrorism can be discredited in the eyes of its own followers.)

Recently endorsed by the Free Muslim Coalition AGAINST Terrorism

It would seem rather certain that President Obama must, by now, regret his comments that the ISIS terrorist group accounts for little more than “the JV team.” Since that time, the radical Middle Eastern group has succeeded in eclipsing even Al Queda in its attempts to “cleanse” the world of everyone other than their own adherents. Crimes that began with the mass execution of 74 children for their refusal to fast, the execution of 21 Coptic Christians coming to Libya to seek employment and the rape of female slaves and small children have grown to include the bombing of a Russian airliner which killed 224 people over Egypt and attacks upon innocent civilians in Paris which killed 129. These have certainly given rise to ISIS as the most gruesome of all terrorist groups. And ISIS has now set its sights on America and Christians, in particular; pledging to kill President Obama in the process. Additionally, they have threatened to kill 150 Christians currently held hostage if Obama does not call for a halt to air attacks in Syria.

American journalist, James Foley, was the first to meet this fate, being beheaded in August 2014. The following month, a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, was likewise executed. Two months later, former Army Ranger, Peter Kassig, was beheaded in the strategic and supposedly prophetic town of Dabiq (more about Dabiq as we proceed further). More recently, American Humanitarian Aid worker, Kayla Mueller, was executed.

But, what is equally alarming is that ISIS now seems to have succeeded in recruiting a great number of new members from young people throughout the world; the United States included.

I think it bears mentioning that not only has President Obama underestimated ISIS, but also that his quite lax approach to dealing with terrorist sympathizers has caused the monster to grow to previously unimaginable status. It is hard to imagine that many within the terrorist camps are in any way intimidated when they see the President release five of the most blood-thirsty terrorists in existence in exchange for a known deserter. Or, when Secretary of State John Kerry emerges from talks with Iran and is questioned by the press about negotiations to free four American hostages being held and likely tortured in Iranian prisons and he responds, “Oh, that subject never came up.”

But, what needs to be so greatly expressed is that ISIS CAN BE TOTALLY WIPED OUT AND EVERY TERRORIST GROUP WITH THEM WITHIN SIX MONTHS TO A YEAR. Does that sound like a bold and reckless statement for me to be making? It didn’t seem to be when I addressed Deputy Chief of Homeland Security Kristen Douglas as well as various Congressional members in separate meetings recently. Believe it or not, they seemed to be taking me seriously; that is, all of this hinging on the presumption that we are able to elect a new Commander-In-Chief with the will and the backbone to carry it out.

If we were to rebuild our military to its previous, pre-Obama status, abandon the President’s “No Boots on the Ground” policy and opt for an “Elijah verses the prophets of Baal” approach to ISIS (I will explain later), then we can eradicate not just ISIS but every Islamic terrorist group within six months to a year and have the support of non-violent Muslims as we do it.

Again, does that sound bold and reckless? Not everyone in Washington thinks so. As noted, recently I was allowed to address members of Congress and Homeland Security as to how ISIS can be stopped. I said basically the same thing in both meetings. A general synopsis of my address follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for having me for what I believe is a most important discussion on how to deal with not only ISIS and its influence on young people, but what I believe can bring about victory over not only ISIS, but the entire war on terrorism.

Let’s begin with the understanding that ISIS is a cult. It is not just a radical religion that hates us all; it is a cult. By that I do not mean a theological cult. The latter is a designation given in Christian circles to bizarre movements that make the claim of being Christian, but deny what are considered Cardinal principles of the faith such as the Deity and resurrection of Christ, salvation by grace, etc. Armstrongism, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other pseudo-Christian movements have come under this heading.

ISIS, instead, comes under the category of what are called “mind-control cults.” Examples of this would be Jim Jones’ “People’s Temple,” Sun Yung Moon’s “Unification Church” and David Koresh’s “Branch Davidian” movement.

Like all of these cults, theological and mind-control included, they seek out certain types of individuals. Practically all cult leaders will seek out children from dysfunctional homes; those who feel unloved and see no purpose in life. Such children are extremely impressionable and can be persuaded to join any sort of group that offers them acceptance and meaning.


The cults will inspire youth by showing them the affection that they never get at home. They will present some sort of apologetic defense for the supposed truth of the cult. In the case of ISIS and other terrorist groups, they inform the youth that as far back as 900 years before Columbus discovered America, Muhammad taught in the Quran that the world was round – Surah 32:5. (The unspoken assumption here is that ISIS speaks for all versions of Islam in much the same way as the Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to speak for all versions of Christianity. It does not but, unfortunately, pop authors such as Robert Spencer have left many with that presumption.) But, isn’t that amazing? – approximately 900 years before Columbus, Muhammad knew the world was round. We should remember that the Arab people, who were the developers of the Arabic number system, had long ago concluded the world was round. Actually, the Biblical prophet, Isaiah, may have been the very first one to reach such a conclusion – Isaiah 40:22. But, the seed of error has been planted into the youth’s mind and thus they obviously believe this religion must be true; otherwise, they could have never recognized this scientific fact 900 years before Columbus. So, the supposed truth of the movement is thereby planted.

Next, youth from dysfunctional families need some sort of assurance that they are working in the service of this ‘cult of truth.’ Charles Manson, Brigham Young and Earl Paulk were all masters at this sort of deception. Each actually had young girls willingly performing sex acts on them in the presumption that they were doing a service to God. As Paulk himself stated, “If you help the Master’s servant, then you help the Master.” (Associated Press report after Paulk was found to be the father of his supposed nephew – 11/19/07.) And, this is an art to which every successful cult leader becomes adept.

It might seem incredible that individuals can be convinced that such actions are appropriate. When I addressed members of Congress, I got several strange expressions which implied to me that they couldn’t believe anyone could be so naïve as to not question such absurdity. This, in itself, tells me that many individuals underestimate the mind-control abilities of the cult leaders. Such a view of reality sounds like something out of the “Wizard of Oz,” but children from dysfunctional homes are actually seeking that sort of reality. Ultimately, they are desperately seeking some sort of meaning in life and some sort of examples to follow. You may well recall that Heaven’s Gate cult leaders, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, promised their followers that, if they committed suicide, they  would be beamed up onto a flying saucer supposedly hidden behind the Hale Bop comet. And both Applewhite and Nettles found an abundance of individuals eager to listen.

Now it needs to be acknowledged that, in the Quran, Muhammad called for attacks upon ancient pagan groups, which included a pseudo-Christian cult, later known as the Collyridians. (See, for example, Surah 4:171) But, as I told an individual attempting to malign ALL Muslims in this regard, anthropologists are quite certain that this particular group (as well as another called the Quraish) practiced human sacrifice and had become a threat to Muhammad and his people. Surely we can give the man a pass on this. Who among us would not take up arms if our own children were being threatened?

What lends to further confusion here is the fact that Muhammad’s term for what you and I would call “Christians” was “Nazarenes” (as in followers of Jesus of Nazareth). And unfortunately he reserved the term “Christians” for these same Collyridians simply because that is what they called themselves.

Additionally the inherent distinction between the Quran, the Hadiths and Sharia seems to totally escape many of these detractors. Simply put, whereas Christianity has the Old Testament and the New Testament both on an even par (and, of course, Roman Catholics would add in the Apocryphal books), Islam operates on a pyramid scale. At the top is the Quran. This book itself dates back to the time of Muhammad and records words that he either wrote or approved. Many think his wife Aisha was the actual author as most historians seem in agreement that Muhammad himself was illiterate. Now by itself and if it is understood from its original intent, the Quran cannot be declared as anti-Christian. It is, however, often reinterpreted as such when it becomes necessary to make it square with the more radical aspects found in certain Hadiths and Sharia. And, all too often, the radicals reinterpret passages which were originally aimed at the Collyridians and Quraish and, instead, use them to target Christians.

Next on the pyramid scale come the Hadiths. The Hadiths are supposed revelations written after the time of Muhammad by self-appointed seers who claimed that he or other respected leaders spoke to them from beyond the grave. Some date to as late as 2013 and I have been told that there is even a Hadith which makes the claim that it was revealed from beyond the grave by none other than Osama bin Laden.

There are thousands of these Hadiths and some are accepted by certain groups, others by other groups and some only accept the Quran and the Bible as authoritative (as Muhammad referred to the Bible as the Word of God – Surah 3:3 & 4). Such may sound astounding to people nourished by the theological junk-food being served up by pop-authors such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller but, remember, these people are looking to sell books rather than solve the problem.

Now, Sharia Law varies from one nation to another and actually does not originate from within the Muslim community at all, although many presume that it is quoted directly from the Quran. The actuality is that Sharia originated from ancient Greece and the debate between Athens and Sparta over whether or not morality could, in fact, be legislated. There are actual quotes found in the writings of Plato in which he takes great exception to Sharia; saying that those with good intent will obey the moral laws while those with bad intent will simply ignore them. But, Sharia did not find its way into the Muslim communities until the early 1900’s. (See both Plato’s Republic – Book II and Bassiouni; M. Cherif, The Islamic Criminal Justice System – London; Oceana, 1982.)

However, and this is important, as I stated previously, Islam operates on a pyramid basis. Both Sharia and the Hadiths are cast aside by Muslims when a contradiction can be demonstrated between them and the Quran. A recent example of this came in June of 2014 in the Sudan where a young mother by the name of Mariam Ibrahim was sentenced to death for becoming a Christian. Back in 2007, I had been introduced to the Head Imam of the Sudan, so I contacted him in Mariam’s regard. I pointed out that their version of Sharia was in contradiction with the Quran as “Surah 2:256 guarantees that there is to be no coercion in religion. In other words, you cannot force someone to accept a particular religion. That has to be their decision.” The Imam responded, “You are correct. I will do what I can to relate this matter to my government.” Now, I have no idea what transpired over the next 24 hours but, afterwards, the government of the Sudan responded by setting Mariam free. Whatever the case, please note that this was accomplished without holding contests to see who can draw the most sarcastic cartoons of Muhammad; which seems to be Ms. Geller’s most recent strategy. You accomplish nothing by insulting these people.


Finally, let’s move on to just how we can both discredit ISIS and other terrorist groups among their own followers and ultimately win the war on terror. And, let’s begin by taking a page from the strategies of General Douglas MacArthur at the close of World War II.

You will recall that Germany had surrendered after the Battle of Normandy, but that the Japanese had steadfastly refused to do so. It was this refusal that ultimately led to the bombing of Hiroshima and a forced surrender. But as General MacArthur came to accept the conditions of surrender from the Emperor Hirohito, he had one perplexing concern. You see, Japan was governed by a religion known as State Shintoism; that is Emperor worship. Hirohito, himself, was regarded as God. (See, for example, War Responsibility and Historical Memory: Hirohito’s Apparition; Herbert P. Bix.)

Now, I don’t personally know just how close Japan was to developing a bomb of their own at that time. Hitler had sought to do so only to have a group of Nordic skiers travel some 600 miles from Norway, shimmy up the side of a mountain and blow up his supply of heavy water. (Heavy Water and the Wartime Race for Nuclear Energy, 1999; F. Dahl)

But, the concern that MacArthur had was that, since Hirohito was regarded as God, six months or so down the road he could change his mind about surrendering and order another Pearl Harbor-type attack. And again, remember the mindset of those controlled by cult leaders. If Hirohito said, “Attack!” then God had spoken. And this was a definite possibility if the negotiations were not handled properly and firmly.

So MacArthur required two things at the surrender. First, Hirohito would have to pose for a photo standing side-by-side with the General and wearing an American tuxedo. This was a great embarrassment as Hirohito stood around five foot tall while MacArthur, posing in his casual military attire, stood around 6’3.” Now Shintoism is distinct from Confucianism, but there is still a good deal of overlapping. Confucius taught that standing alongside someone much taller than one’s self would cause you to lose face. Note that the General was not preoccupied with being politically correct. He was, instead, focused on establishing a lasting peace. Additionally, the tuxedo would be looked upon in the Japanese culture as a clown suit . . . sort of like wearing a red nose and dressing up like Bozo. (The Man Who Saved Kabuki; 2002; Shin Okamoto)

But that was not the end. Additionally, Hirohito was required to stand before a microphone, address the Japanese public and utter the words, “I AM NOT GOD.” (“The Japanese Emperor Speaks” – International Broadcast from Tokyo, 8/15/1945; The Japanese were stunned. They had been duped. The religion of State Shintoism came to a crashing halt, although a lesser SECT of Shintoism still flourishes. (Shinto: The Religion of Nature Worship, Emperor Worship and Purity; 1982, Meredith Sprunger) Since that time, Japan has become a loyal ally of the United States.


Now, a similar arrangement can be made in dealing with terrorism. To begin with, we must refer back to the previously mentioned Hadiths and specifically to the Hadiths of three radical pro-terrorists; Abu Huraira,  Muhammad Ibn Wahabb and, to a lesser degree, Sahih al-Bukhari.

Huraira may have actually had contact with the original Muhammad during the three years prior to his death when he was stricken by pleurisy. Ibn Wahabb, on the other hand, composed his Hadiths in the early 1700’s; more than a thousand years after the time of Muhammad. It was he who made the promise to radical Muslims that, if they killed Christians and Jews, they would be rewarded in heaven with 72 virgin, dancing girls. (“The Features of Heaven as Described by the Messenger of Allah” – Hadith, Volume IV 2687; Chapter 21 entitled: “About the Smallest Reward for the People of Heaven”) This was in addition to his claim that Christians and Jews were actually pigs and apes disguised to look human by the devil.

Again Bukhari (810 – 870 AD) is of lesser importance in this area but he is still significant as the end-time scenario in his hadiths call for the extermination of the entire Jewish race (al-Bukhari Hadith volume 4 book 56 #791).

The writings of these three men compose the dividing line between radical Muslims and those seeking peace; again, a fact seemingly unknown to self-proclaimed scholars who have enticed a 9/11 weary public into buying books that declare every Muslim in your community to be a blood thirsty terrorist.

Now in addition to giving the dysfunctional child a supposed love and a purpose and goal in life, practically without exception, the cult leader will also add that they are on a mission to accomplish some end-times scenario, which will ultimately result in the gift of heaven or some other peaceful inheritance here on earth or elsewhere. And, once again, please remember that these young people seeking meaning in life will be open even to a Wizard of Oz-like perspective. They will accept anything they are told. What sounds ridiculous to the rational mind will be acceptable to those subjected to alluring cultic persuasion.

The more stupid of the cult leaders will place an exact date on their prophecies. Harold Camping, for example, had his followers out on the streets proclaiming that the world would end on May 21, 2011. I call them stupid because what happens if May 22nd rolls around and the world is still here? And, that is what ultimately exposed Camping as a false prophet.

Other leaders, instead, proclaim specific events which, if they do not come about, result in the same designation. But all cults, ISIS included, have some sort of Achilles’ heel.

Radical terrorists are not without their own end-times scenario. Abu Huraira gives forth a prophecy (Sahih Muslim 6924) in which he claims that the final battle in human history will take place when the forces of “Rome” together with 80 allies attack the town of Dabiq in northern Syria. I should note here that one of the Congressional aids asked me if such a town actually existed or if it was in fact just a mythical town such as Oz. Dabiq does in fact exist but it is currently nothing but farmland, so it does not appear as a likely place for overtaking or for some would-be conqueror to go riding in on a wild stallion and place his flag in the ground. But that is what they are expecting to happen. Now, the Vatican does not presently have an army, so “Rome,” as it is the headquarters of the largest Christian denomination, is taken to mean the United States and its allies. The ultimate conclusion will supposedly be that, in the midst of a bloody battle, the Mahdi, an Arabic word similar to the Hebrew “Messiah,” will come on a cloud accompanied by scantily clothed virgin women. This Mahdi will slay both the United States and their allies. At this point, all of the terrorist fighters will be rewarded with 72 of their own dancing girls for eternity. (Hadith 2687)

And such a prophecy, while scorned by orthodox Muslims, is taken quite seriously by radical jihadists. Terrorist leader, Al Zarqawi, infamous for the beheading of not just non-Muslims, but also Muslims who opposed terrorism, stated during several of his beheadings that “”The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify… until it burns the Crusader armies in DABIQ.” (Message to the fighters of Jihad in Iraq; 9/11/04). Additionally, as previously mentioned, masked radicals executing US aid worker, Abdul-Rahman Kassig, did so on a video at DABIQ with the announcement, “Here we are, burying the first American Crusader in DABIQ, eagerly waiting for the remainder of your armies to arrive.” (CBS News; 11/16/14) So the terrorists are diligently trying to lure the United States military into DABIQ, since that is where they believe the Mahdi will appear to grant them both victory and earthly rewards.

What plays to America’s advantage here is that Muslims use the same criteria for differentiating between true and false prophets as do Christians and Jews. That is taken from Deuteronomy 18 and the pronouncement that every detail of his or her prophecies must come to pass. Otherwise, the unwanted label of “false prophet” will be applicable.

Now, the following method of defeating terrorism will never be feasible under the present policy of “No Boots on the Ground.” However, should the United States either adopt a new policy or should we, in 2016, elect a Commander-In-Chief who takes a different approach to terrorism, then the following scenario could easily spell the end of not just ISIS, but also radical terrorists in general. Let’s say we elect a President who will carry out the following strategy.

To start, the President would form a coalition of 80 nations. Remember that their prophecy specifically says 80. So you could have smaller nations such as Mozambique and Jamaica chip in a dollar or two and perhaps even give them some incentive for doing so. In addition to the United States, the coalition would consist of Italy (that covers “Rome” in their prophecy), Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and, hopefully, Saudi Arabia (thus you demonstrate that this is not a war on Islam but rather on RADICAL Islam) as well as our other faithful allies. We can usually count on Great Britain, Australia, Canada and others. Likely, France could be persuaded at the present time as well. The US President would then make an announcement similar to the following:

“All right. You folks have been trying to lure us into Dabiq for quite some time. So that is where we are coming. Let’s see if your Mahdi will appear in the skies. It’s Elijah versus the prophets of Baal. If your Mahdi shows up, then your religion is valid. But, if not, then Abu Huraira and Ibn Wahabb were false prophets, plain and simple.”

Such an announcement would draw not only ISIS soldiers, but practically every Islamic terrorist group as well: Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Queda, Boko Haran and others. None will want to miss out on their dancing girls. And, we all know that they will be dead-meat going against the most powerful and well-trained military in human history. I mean, hey, I’d have a better chance of getting in the ring with Evander Holyfield and cold-cocking the guy than these stooges would have of defeating the United States military.

Now, this is not the end of the battle, though. You see, anytime you discredit and destroy a particular religion or ideology, you leave a void in the lives of the former believers. And, since nature abhors a vacuum, that void will have to be filled. After William Miller’s ill-fated prediction that the world would end in 1844, many of his followers turned to either atheism, horoscopes or other cults to fill that void.

Now, some of you may not like this but once that void is created, we are going to need to call on various missionaries and evangelists to help in filling it with something other than evil. My suggestion would be to work together with the Missions Departments of the Assemblies of God and the Christian Missionary Alliance. I could even see a time when we would see the Billy Graham team coming to downtown Teheran. Whatever the case, that void will be filled; either with good or with bad.

In conclusion, let me say that such a strategy can and will work. I do not mean to sound boastful, but if I can echo the confidence of people like Donald Trump, who says he can convince Mexico itself to ‘build the wall,’ I confidently and firmly believe that this is a winnable war. And, quite frankly, I am convinced that it can be won in six months to a year.

Enough said. Thank you.

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